Program Profile
Training on Smart PLS

The workshop is designed to familiarize with the potentials of using the multivariate analysis method PLS-SEM in international business research. The objectives of this workshop is to provide an in-depth methodological introduction into the PLS-SEM approach.

  1. To understand the basic intuition behind PLS
  2. To be able to apply the technique in testing a structural equation model.
  3. To be able to interpret the results.
  4. The evaluation of measurement results
  5. Complementary analytical techniques. More specifically, participants will understand the following topics:

–      Model development and fundamentals of PLS-SEM

–      Assessment and reporting of measurement and structural model results

–      A new criterion for discriminant validity: The heterotrait-monotrait ratio of correlations (HTMT)

–      Mediating effects

–      Moderating effects (interaction effects)

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